Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lodgehill site visit

A busload of councillors came from Inverness this morning to look at the Lodgehill Clinic site and then effectively decide what they think is appropriate for this part of Nairn. Yes our four reps were there too but they were well outnumbered by the out of town councillors. Is this democracy? Folk being bussed in to decide what is good for us? Why can't we decide for ourselves what we want? The point to bear in mind is that the residents in the clinic site area are not against development, they just don't want over development on this site.
Paddy Maher speaking for the objectors told the circle of assembled councillors, objectors and developer's representatives that the development represented a density of 117 persons per hectare and that the Highland Council's own definition of high density was 50 people per hectare. If this goes ahead on the clinic site will it become the benchmark for the future development of Nairn town centre?

The bus is probably back at Glenurquhart Road by now where the decision will be made. Once again decisions on Nairn being taken in Inverness. They couldn't stroll down to the Courthouse for the decision because there is no webcam there! One hopes they will support the Nairn objectors.

A representative of the developers describes the proposed layout.

Nearby historic architecture

Labour mannie Jimmy Gray, Master of site visit ceremonies and Inverness Provost, addresses the circle

More pictures later if time permits.

UPDATE (17.09) heard the application was refused unanimously - and more pictures now available here.


Spurtle said...

Glad to see it was refused. Common sense prevailed

Invercentric like said...

I wonder if they got stuck in the red light traffic on their bus?

Nairnac said...


Be intereting to see what the next move from the developers is.

Looks like the developers representative was showing them his best moves though.

Anonymous said...

Lets take some positives out of this:
(1) The Committee had the wisdom to have a site visit;
(2) The Committee saw first hand how the proposed development would not fit well with neighbouring buildings and roads;
(3) The Committee had the conviction (albeit with the knowledge that there were significant and valid objections)to overrule their officials.

Let's hope the developer gets the message from the Committee and makes appropriate changes to the proposal.

Maida comment said...

I agree with the comments from 'Anonymous'. We all need to find a positive way forward now.

Thanks to the Gurn for its balanced reporting of matters to date.

PS Just for the record, the density figure quoted was 'dwellings per hectare'

APTSec said...


For those with an interest in this development or indeed with an interest in understanding how a planning application is assessed I would recomend reading the Report at the link above.

The applicant could of course appeal the decision.

Anonymous said...

Just to remind everyone should there be an appeal, anyone can put in comments, be they for or against, to a planning application. You don't have to live in the vicinity of the application or be a neighbour.

This application was a great example of how much the impact of an application, for example the density issue, could have on the whole of the town.