Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laurie on Police Force Review

The Scottish Government, before it dissolved for the election, was conducting a review into the size, organisation etc of the eight existing police forces in Scotland and asking the public for their input. As Liz said recently, nothing has been decided, all options are on the table. The LibDem desperadoes, seeking a ploy for getting a few votes back into their almost empty bag, have been carrying on like a crime apocalypse was about to befall us, claiming the Government were hell bent on a single police force. Here you can see the LibDem leader - (sorry forgotten his name, is it Steve Davis?) in his new "Save our Police" car. Perhaps the sign should read "Save our LibDems"?

Last night at the Suburban CC there were two ex-policemen present who gave their views. John MacKie was in favour of retaining the existing boundaries of the Highland Police force. Laurie Fraser, who has worked with two police forces agreed with him. He said:
"My real concern with one force in Scotland is political control, because there are too many politicians and civil servants trying to exert political control centrally. That's the serious concern. I could live with one force but I don't think they'd be any savings. they'd be no financial savings because you'd have to pay the Chief Constable, his deputy and his assistant chief constables, and it's a lot of money they're getting now. That would wipe out any savings along the way and your travelling lone would push u[p the costs as well. If it's not broke don't fix it."

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