Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Traffic Lights - fifteen more weeks of roadworks

Liz told the River CC meeting last night of a meeting between Nairn Highland Councillors, Transport Scotland, BEAR and the contractors installing the lights. From what Liz had to say there is no joy for anyone wishing to stop the traffic lights.The work will continue for 15 weeks and nothing can be done to stop the lights now. There will be breathing space between the Albert Street lights and the Leopold Street set to allow people to get out of Leopold Street. The lights will be synchronised with the “Mover” system and if that doesn’t work properly then the “Scoot” system will be installed. Priority will always be given to A96 traffic


Out of town thinking said...

A traffic management gridlock system, brilliant

Nairn is paying a heavy cost for it's fabled Sainsbury's, I can see many tourists giving us the swerve after experiencing the traffic this year

Why do the people with power keep saying yes to developers without giving much thought for the consequences?

Graisg said...

Yesterday they said no to the Lodgehill Clinic Development :-) Again because of public pressure.

Sainsbury's - I think you will still find that 90% of the town's population want Sainsbury's for all the reasons explained so many times before here and elsewhere.

Yes our councillors could have perhaps launched an effective lobbying campaign to get the lights stopped or reduced but you cannot blame them for saying yes to the Supermarket company, all of us that pressured them to pass the plans are equally guilty.
Perhaps there should be a special hindsight T-shirt?

"Don't blame me for the traffic lights - I didn't want Sainsbury's"

Pushing It said...

I'm sure all the tourists will be given a nudge and a wink to get them back on track.

Iain said...

I had no idea that for a third year running so-called road improvements will affect Nairn's tourist and retail trade's ability to survive. And right through the Scottish Open. Not good!

However, while some like to blame Sainsbury's for this I have heard it said that they are not the cause. These "improvements" were always on the table and have only become possible as a result of the "contribution" extracted from the supermarket. Perhaps others can confirm or deny.

Either way I can see no reason why an edge of town supermarket should require additional lights at the other end. It's purely a traffic management issue and would have happened anyway - one day!

Graisg said...

@lamplighter - can you give me any sort of reference for that consultant's report

Graisg said...

@ thanks for that Lamplighter, you are pretty sure of the issues involved here and the background etc. This observer is not however and it all goes a bit beyond my ken of what went on at the public inquiry. I suggest you try the deadtree folkies, they have the time to do the research, ask people for their responses etc.