Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gurn Pothole Patrol - Update.

0800-028-1414 is the number to report potholes on the trunk road network. Transport Scotland then logs them and forwards the information to the trunk road operator responsible.

This morning the Gurn informed them of the potholes between the Lochloy Junction and the King Street roundabout. Pictures here. One or two of these holes are more serious than others especially the one at the manhole cover at the Harour Street/Brae junction. Also entire sections of this stretch seem to be breaking up and look as though they too will soon become even longer series of pot holes. Repair work was undertaken in January but things are looking bad again.

One wonders why we have to report these potholes, surely BEAR vehicles travel the route daily and their employees will have to negotiate these holes just like everyone else?


Greg said...

Well done Gurnmeister, you have saved me a phone call this morning. I've been cycling to work recently (in part due to the roadworks) and really noticed how bad this stretch is. The hole at edge of the manhole at the top of Harbour St is a shocker and hitting that on a road bike would probably destroy both wheels, if you managed to stay on ! Agree that BEAR should have noticed these already, especially as they will be in town regularly at the moment supervising the roadworks.

Anonymous said...

As Murd said about the seats, “For want of a nail…”, also applies to the potholes. Instead of patching holes as and when they appear, why not do the job properly? Still I suppose the patching on the main road is better than the patching the council carry out, ie pour in a bit of bitumen and throw a bit of grey dust on top of it.