Saturday, April 30, 2011

A lot more disruption over the next few months

We could be in for more traffic problems yet, over and above the installation and eventual operation of the five new sets of lights. When asked for a Highland Councillor's report at the Suburban CC on Wednesday night Laurie said that he hadn't much to report but gave some interesting insights into a recent meeting between Highland Council, BEAR and Transport Scotland.

In repsect to the traffic lights and BEAR he said, "They weren't really told anything about this either." He went on to say, "The other thing they did say is that there is going to be a lot of resurfacing work done on the A96 because there are so many potholes and problems. There's other things as well because they are putting extra sensors in and they are insisting on resurfacing the area. So, a lot more disruption I think during the next few months in Nairn."


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the West Enders rat run feature as it looks like this will be realy handy

Anonymous said...

Just hope the reinstatement carried out so far by Sainsburys contractors is only temporary, especially the pavements ! Hi ho silver !

Crawler said...

Blackpool Illuminations has now got stiff competition with the town of Nairns new traffic lights,
Ps noticed a snail overtaking the long line of delayed traffic on the A96 at Delnies,is it now time for Nairnites to get on yer bike!!