Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Local press review

Quadruple Easter lambs make the front page along with a “splash” concerning the planning debacle at Cawdor Road. Fingers are pointing in a certain direction. Read the Nairnshire for more or the stop orders from the Highland Council and information from the resident posted on the gate to the property on Cawdor Road.
Inside on page 3 pictures as Davie Stewart pops up to Queens Park in search of votes and Mary Scanlon tries to get Geoff Skeet’s vote. Move along Mary, you’ve absolutely no chance there lol.
The blue bins are coming This might be a problem in some of the more narrow closes in town that are already full of big green, and brown, wheelie bin obstructions but it will be good to see more recycling in Nairn.
Children from the Chernobyl area will be coming to Nairn once again this year and the Nairnshire has been talking to Tom Heggie about the work the Nairn Link have been doing for a number of years now. The Nairn West AGM is reported and there is a letter from John Hart supporting a single CC for Nairn All this and more in the Highland’s best weekly bargain media marvel.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Nairnshire should have a separate "planning" supplement, what with all the controversy in recent years over Sandown, Sainsburys, Nairn South, Lodgehill Clinic and now Cawdor Road ! Or would there be anything left for the main paper ?

Broad sheep said...

Many folk would pay their 40p each week just for the deaths column on the back page, not sure that other content is that important for some

How about a pull out sports section that I could instantly recycle?

Anonymous said...

wheelie bins still no where to recycle glass bottles from home .. so mine will be going in the household waste brown bin.

Anonymous said...

no place for recycling glass, co-op if you have a car if not in the brown bin. we can't expect people to carry bottles and jars to town