Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Nairnshire bridge that will be getting fixed

Regular gurnites will remember we recently published pictures of the sad state of Logie Bridge on the A939. One of our readers informs us Highland Council are looking for contractors to repair Logie Bridge. 250k’s worth of work is available for the right bidder and according to the Public Contracts Scotland site:

“This scheme is to carry out repairs to a three span masonry arch bridge, which has Category A Listed Building status. The works comprise the taking down, reconstruction and repair of the downstream masonry parapet, requiring specialist stone masonry skills.More here.

The Nairnshire reported this week that Cantray Bridge has to stay closed. There’s no money to help out there but moves are afoot to get a replacement for the White Bridge. The Nairnshire stated:

“The White Bridge (one of the many built by General Wade between 1725 and 1737) can currently take vehicles up to 42 tonnes but has to be controlled by traffic lights to centralise and reduce the overall load on the structure.

Highland Council are only too aware that the White Bridge is itself failing, but with budgets tight it sees its replacement as the best option for the area.”

One wonders how soon funding could be found for a new "White Bridge"? Before or after the Nairn by-pass comes into being?

The White Bridge has for some years now been part of the unofficial Nairn by-pass where folk leave the A96 by the B9090 and head for Cawdor, then Auldearn where they rejoin the main road. With the recent delays in Nairn and the forthcoming inauguration of 4 new sets of traffic lights there’s little doubt that the White Bridge will be seeing a lot more traffic this year and for many more years to come.


Sarah-Mackintosh-Brodie said...

Funny how they can find money for this bridge but not the Bailey Bridge in Nairn can any body please explain this to me and why

Anonymous said...

A few years ago money was left to the people of Nairn. It,s called the Davidson Trust and is supposed to be used for the good of the people of Nairn.
You very rarely see what that money is being used for, and when you do its very small amounts(like as if they are only spending the interest).
I am sure the people of Nairn would love to have a new Bailey Bridge, and why not?
Can we please have some clarity on the money and what it is being spent on , after all it is ours!