Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gurn Fun Poll continues - 12 days left to vote

The SNP still have a commanding vote in Gurnshire. 323 votes now in and it looks like no one can catch them. Of course the real poll is on May the 5th but this observer thinks there may be quite a swing in the same direction right across the Highlands.

UPDATE: Interesting to compare the latest Gurn figures with an Ipsos mori poll reported by the press association:

"In the constituency vote the SNP were leading with 45% while Labour trailed on 34%, the Tories 10% and the Lib Dems 9%.
The SNP recorded 42% in the regional vote while Labour were on 32%, the Tories on 10%, Lib Dems 8% and the Greens 6%."

Gurn figures this morning. SNP 50%, Labour 17%, Tories 12%, Lib Dems 7%, Greens 6% and UKIP 4%

Here in Gurnshire the Labour party are polling a lot less in the Gurn poll than nationally but when you think about it they generally do here. Perhaps the Labour support in Inverness might take them up a bit in the Constituency but on the list in the Highlands it will be interesting to see what they achieve. The Press Association also report that the poll suggests the Greens will get 4 seats across Scotland. Will they cross the line in the Highlands? It just might happen if the support for the Con/Dems and Labour frays a little more at the edges and flows in their direction.


About Me said...

Do you get two votes on the Gurn poll? You do in the Scottish Parliament election. Which is rather the point of 2nd Vote Green. Not wasted.

Graisg said...

Only one vote here, perhaps we should have had a second vote poll too.
After the event we'll compare the Fun Poll with the Constituency, 2nd vote etc.
Last time round all Green votes in the Highlands came to 4.6% and Eleanor Scott lost her job. Will she get back this time or will all the Green votes once again achieve no MSP?

Green Saltire said...

The Greens will certainly be getting my 2nd vote, not wasted in my view. They have many good policies and deserve to have a bigger voice

Anonymous said...

Help please
Why would anyone want an independent Scotland- yet still be in Europe being told what we can and cannot do?
We would have to get out of the european union before I could vote for independence.
Secondly why on earth has the SNP given free presciptions to everyone, when more than half of scotland can easily afford to pay?
Especially when Raigmore are talking about having to make 100 million pounds of cuts over the next 5 years. Also free car parking at Raigmore should only be for patients visitors.We cann't get everything for nothing.
I don't think this government have done their budgeting very well.

Anonymous said...

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics". Scratch away at the statistics and you will find some worrying facts.

The REAL check on statitistics concerns the affordability and consequences of the SNP Manifesto.
The Centre for Public Policy for Regions think-tank found £975 million of uncosted spending pledges in the SNP manifesto.
These experts warned that 500,000 public sector workers were likely to have their pay frozen for five years to balance the books.
The SNP administration has already started the process to erode the pay & conditions of Scottish Teachers. Teachers in Scotland have already voted against the proposed changes.
Would you vote for a cut in pay?

Real world said...

I'd vote for a cut in pay if it meant I and others kept our jobs

A pay freeze is in effect a pay cut due to inflation, so many of us have had a pay cut for several years now

Hard times eh!

Anonymous said...

Teachers start on £21,438 don't they. A wage a lot of young and not so young people in Nairn will never have a chance to get.

If you don't like it get out and put your name down for Sainsburys.

on yer bike said...

Put your name down for Sainsbury's...

I reckon most of Nairn and half the Highlands are hoping to get a job there

Probably why they're putting all the traffic lights in, to try and stem the tide of applicants

Anonymous said...

i would need a lot more than £21000 to teach todays children, just being stuck in a classroom with them for 6 hours would be like hell on earth.