Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lodgehill Clinic sites flats proposal in the P&J

"Officials urge Nairn flats approval despite opposition from residents"

Planning Committee councillors will make a site visit on Tuesday 12th next week at 09.30 a.m. If you have a spare moment why not pop along and respectfully demonstrate your concern over this project (or maybe even your support for it). They refused to hold the meeting in Nairn to decide the application but the site visit gives Nairnites a chance to show they care about what gets built in our community.

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Maida comment said...

The more people who turn out the better. It'll be the last chance to try and stop this small site being taken over by blocks of flats - with the 3 floor blocks taller and denser than anything in the Lodgehill area and on narrow roads that include routes for two schools, buses and the A96. If the plans get approved on Tuesday, it'll be too late to say 'How could they let that happen?'