Friday, April 08, 2011

An SNP landslide in the Highlands next month?

The details above are from the Highland Council website and show the votes cast in yesterday's Wick by-election for a Highland Council seat. More details from the Highland Council site here.

STV reports: "Wick is in the Scottish Parliament constituency of Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, which has been held by the Liberal Democrats since devolution in 1999.
However, the SNP would need only a 4.3% swing in May’s polls to land the seat." More on the STV site.

The SNP got more than twice the Labour vote, a result that would be in line with the Gurn's fun poll. The LibDems came nowhere again and our fun poll suggests a similar result. Obviously there will be local factors and issues that will have an impact in Wick but could it be that the LibDems are heading for a beating in the Highlands - a beating they may never recover from? The LibDems tipping/farewell point date with Highland destiny draws closer?

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