Monday, April 11, 2011

Contribution night 2 - Murd gurns about the rusty seats

Murd thinks the Council could have done more to prevent serious rusting to seats that were installed around the riverside as replacements - it might not be too long before the replacements need replacing according to Murd and he thinks more could have been done to avert this situation. Murd told the Gurn

"We have all heard the expression for the sake of a nail the shoe was lost for the sake of a shoe the horse was lost. Well does this not not apply here? But instead of nail a hole would of done the job and let out any water that was trapped. Now after two winters the legs on most of the new seats are split open and rusting, the life of the seats wont be long at this rate. We are constantly told money must be saved and to put forward any suggestions to save unnecessary expense what is the point if it falls on deaf ears!!!"

This observer feels Murd is correct, a couple of holes drilled to let the water out might have avoided the major cracks that have now appeared in a lot of these seats. The experts know best - especially when it's with our money?