Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Meanwhile on the Nairn needs a by-pass site things are rather quiet

Remember February 2009?

"The Highland Liberal Democrats will tomorrow (Saturday) launch a campaign to secure a date for the Nairn by-pass to go ahead. Local MP Danny Alexander, Nairn Lib Dem councillor Graham Marsden and a team of volunteers will distribute campaign stickers to every home in Nairn, and launch a new interactive website – – to develop the case."

You still see the odd fading bypass sticker but there hasn't been any interaction on this site since last December. Not even a mention of all the traffic lights. Haven't the LibDems noticed them yet? Well as they say themselves: "Fingers crossed that progress is being made."

JAMS UPDATE: a regular Gurnite reports:
"Lunchtime traffic news on Radio Scotland advising non HGV drivers to take alternative routes through Nairn due to delays of up to one hour! This will surely upset the WestEnders if they become a prescribed alternative route on national radio (will gps maps add them as well?)

Maybe soon we'll see youths washing the windscreens soon of the crawling traffic. or newspaper vendors wandering through the mayhem offering copies of the Nairnshire of a Tuesday"

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Anonymous said...

From a road trip today I can confirm that many people are turning to alternative routes to avoid Nairn. Unfortunately this does includes HGVs so quite hairy at times on the back roads

Out of interest I did try fining a different route on my sat nav as I came into Nairn from Inverness yesterday, and it did come up with a route along Sandown Road and then through the west end of town

Ironic that the new traffic lights being installed in Nairn are supposed to help with safety, but I'm sure the increased traffic trying to use alternative routes is going to cause an accident or two

It all seems a very expensive mistake. Not only the cost of the new lights but time and money lost by people sat in their vehicles. If the traffic issue continues I can see that Nairn will lose a lot of local tourists, and Sainsbury's won't be such a big draw for local communities after all