Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cricket returns to the links

Once again the sound of leather on willow in the splendid evening sunshine


Stumped said...

And hardly a sole watching the game which is a shame.

things that men do said...

I would have watched but I had some paint drying

Anonymous said...

A lovely plaice to play the game.

owzat said...

Quite a few of the players are dab hands, I'm not so sure about the ones with mullets though, and as for kipper ties

Anonymous said...

Hope they managed to winkle out the opposition batsmen and seal victory. they would have had a whale of a time celebrating in the pub and then no doubt off to the Dolphin chippie for a nice bit of haddock.

Saber - Toothed Blenny said...

The Team did not flounder but had a bit of problem with one of our players who is a little hard of herring,no trout about it the victory was no flook but I wont carp on about it with a bream on my face we did go to the pub met some sharks on the pool table & some grunters at the bar but at closing time went home the road
happily singing the Kylie favourite " I should be so Guppy,Guppy,Guppy,Guppy", & stadards "Theres A Plaice for Us,
Salmon Enchanted Evening, sung in my deep Bass voice. Good Cod this
morning feeling a bit Rough Scad
even had to Hake some money
for the train fare. FIN.

It's just not said...

I really think that further comments should be scaled down

Fish List said...

We creatures under the sea now with the latest technology can view The Gurn Pages & were more than delighted to see some of our
relations get a mention, & hope to read some more fishy stories in the near future so take no heed of the last comment.

With best Fishes
from The Moray Firth Shoal Society
Committee Members, Bertie Bream,
Charlie Chub, Eddy Eel,Harry Halibut, Linda Lumpsucker, Marty Mackerel, Nathan Nibbler, Peter Pilchard & Pappa Roach.