Saturday, April 09, 2011

LibDem litterbug stung for £50

Charles Kennedy gets fined for dropping his fag ends in Glasgow City Centre.

"He said: “He'd been puffing at the entrance for about half-an-hour while chatting away on his mobile phone.

“He stood in the one spot and must have smoked four fags – each time letting the dog-end fall on to the pavement beside him." More on the P&J And a picture of "A right Charlie" in the Sun.

Worried LibDems must be smoking a lot more fags than usual these days but there is no excuse, it is irritating to see fag-ends left lying in the street, well done the wardens that hit the MP for £50!

A quick google finds the LibDem policy on litter:

"4.3.1 We know that people hate it when their local area is blighted by litter. Despite councils collectively spending more than £600 million a year cleaning it up, litter is five times worse now than in the 1960s and is particularly acute in rural areas where litter is often left to lie for much longer. Liberal Democrats believe in tough action on litter, not just cleaning up the mess but preventing it in the first place. We would encourage local councils to fine offenders by releasing the money raised to be spent on measures to improve the local environment." More here.

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