Sunday, January 08, 2012

Allegation of unfair funding from Highland Council for Nairn based womens support group

Another case of Nairn getting the short straw from the local authority? The Courier states:

"SUPPORT group which helps women and children who have been victims of violence and domestic abuse in the Nairn area claims its clients are being discriminated against because of where they live."

The Community Violence and Abuse Service based in Nairn gets £8,600 per year funding from the Council but the courier says:

"However, service manager Kim Haywood claims Inverness Women’s Aid receives £229,576 per year from the local authority, Caithness Women’s Aid £158,660, Ross-shire Women’s Aid £243,673 and Lochaber Women’s Aid £102,692."

More on the Inverness Courier site.


Bert said...

No, not the case. Inverness Womans Aid already covers the Nairn area and has been established for many years. Claiming that the money given to IWA is just for Inverness is just incorrect.
The CVAS was established in 2006 as a community group and now employs 6 paid staff. Any funding it receives goes to pay staff wages first! It is a supplamentary service and set up as a charity, why should they have a right to expect public funding for a service that already exists?
Perhaps as a charity they should think about fundraising instead of public handouts, or how about becoming a voulenteering service and cut the overheads of 6 wages?

Graisg said...

Womens aid is also a charity isn't it Bert?
Looking at Covass's web site it looks like they offer a much needed service to vulnerable women and children.
Obviously as the cash is cut back organisations with overlapping responsibilities will find difficulties as the funding dries
Covass are getting their point of view in prior to a funding review. Liz says, "There is not equity of funding across Highlands." She knows what she is talking about on these matters and is willing to state the case for services in Nairn if necessary.

Bert said...

Yes it is, a well established one unlike CVAS and they already offer the same service for vulnarable women and children.
I assume you mean Liz the SNP councillor? Look, she is a politician and while you may be in her fan club, her opinion is political, its politicing against the Labour controlled council. Perhaps you migh like to volounteer to take up the collecting can for COVAS? Maybe you could get Liz to join you?

Graisg said...

Liz is one of the most active charity fund-raisers in Nairn Bert and there's quite a few of them here thank goodness. Is Liz just a rank and file lobby fodder politician? I think you would find that a lot of Gurnites would argue that she puts Nairn first.
Labour in control of Highland Council? This observer would contend that they are the tail being wagged by the LibDem/Indy dog.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask how much money is spent on support for Men? Since under the gender equality law is Highland Council treating us equally.