Friday, October 19, 2012

Brocher's Brae concerns outlined at West CC meeting

It's a bit outside their "manor" but West CC heard concerns about the Brocher's Brae area on Wednesday night from Cllr Graham Kerr. It came after the police rep had addressed the Council and one or two points were brought forward for the Sergeant's attention. 
From communication between Graham and residents in the area it seems that there has been a spate of folk sitting on the wall and then throwing their litter in the river. Children have also been riding bicycles along the top of the wall, obviously endangering themselves given the huge drop on the other side. A result of replacing the triangular coping with flat slabs obviously. West CC are tough on litter and the causes of litter and Graham Kerr consistently calls for more action on this matter. 

Doggie jobbies were discussed too. The Northern Constabulary have obviously quite a lot to do and, like all the forces in Scotland, there are great changes in the background given the new Scottish Police force coming into being shortly but they do have a willingness to help wherever possible with issues that affect community life. The meeting heard from the police rep how the Nothern Constabulary had worked with the Council in Wick to target fouling hotspots. If you have any general concerns you wish to discuss with the police then Community Council meetings are a good place to go. Depending on operational needs there is often a police rep present.

More Westie news later.  


crimewave said...

It's reassuring to learn that the biggest issue of the night for the Westies was bairns sitting in walls, but it begs the question as to how Northern Constabulary plan to crack down on this anti social crime wave?

I think operation Flagstone should be put in place with the Police having a boat on the river ready to catch offenders, either that or we place a bench near the area to offer alternative seating

Up Against the Wall said...

The so called "Westies" would be better employed looking after issues that are relevant to West CC.

Tale from the river bank said...

@Up against the wall

The Westies have and know no bounds I'm afraid as this item proves!

jayteescot1 said...

There's more to this issue than having a dig at the opposition.
Check out my blog for details,

Anonymous said...

Could River funds be made available to dismantle Swan Island.It would really tidy up that area of the riverside.It does look so neglected.

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of why a single Community Council is needed for the town.