Monday, October 29, 2012

Eddie Grant retires after 50 years working for the Nairnshire Community

Highland Council Press Release

Eddie Grant, The Highland Council’s Principal Building Standards Surveyor in in Nairn, has retired after 50 years’ service with the Council.

Eddie, who left School aged 15, started work with Nairn Burgh Council in 1962 as an apprentice Burgh Engineer. One of the many important summer duties as apprentice Burgh Engineer included painting the road signs at the edges of the carriageways.

He progressed to becoming a Building Control Officer in 1975 when Local Government re-organisation established Nairn District Council. The construction industry interested Eddie and satisfied his curiosity in following a buildings evolvement from foundations to completion. He also enjoyed the banter with the tradesmen whilst out on sites inspecting progress.

At the next re-organisation of Local Authorities in 1996 Eddie was promoted to become Principal Building Standards Surveyor. At this time he became responsible for the management of Building Standards operations within the Nairn area.

Born, bred and schooled in Nairn, he is married to Carole and is a highly regarded and accomplished jazz musician and played semi-professionally from the age of 15. Nowadays, he plays simply for the love of the music.

Colleagues joined Eddie last week to celebrate his retirement. Building Control Manager Glenn Campbell said: “Eddie has served each Council diligently and conscientiously and has proven himself to be a very highly prized and consistent member of our Building Standards team. He is often referred to as ‘Steady Eddie’ because no matter the scenario Eddie will offer an unbiased and fair view on interpretation of the guidance behind the building regulations and is relied on, by the team, to provide sound advice and guidance.

“Eddie has worked his entire working life in Nairn and at the age of 65 retires from Highland Council having given 50 years loyal service to the Council, but more importantly to Eddie, the people of Nairn. He is staunchly proud of his roots, his town and the people of Nairn. We all wish him well in his retirement.”


Bob the builder said...

Well done Eddie on your retirement. Eddie was a gentleman to deal with and I’m sure many people in this town have benefited from his helpful advice and guidance when going through the building process large or small over the years. Great musician too. Used to hear his guitar belting out his bedroom in John Street when he was just a lad.

babylon said...

I always liked that hit song of Eddies, Electric Avenue. No doubt written from his experiences on the roads

Spurtle said...

Nothing but positive things to say about my dealings with Eddie.

Helpful, decent , diligent and reliable.

He'll be much missed when we build the west wing on Spurtle towers :)

jayteescot1 said...

Enjoy your retirement Eddie, time to relax get a bit of fishing and strolls round the Town.

Anonymous said...

“Born and Bred”

There it is again?! That phrase that seems to appear again and again in the Gurn, ‘Born and Bred’.

What does it actually mean?

What advantages are gained, or expected to be gained, from being able to claim that you were ‘born and bred’ in the town against those who are regularly marked down as being ‘incomers’?

Do the people of Nairn who proclaim to be ‘born and bred’ in the town feel they have any significant advantages or entitlement over those considered to be ‘incomers’?

For example, how much of an advantage is gained from being able to say in your election campaign material that you were ‘born and raised’ in the town, when up against someone else who is classed an ‘incomer’?

Ultimately, what does it say about the people of Nairn that those who live in the town are classed as either ‘born and bred’ or as an ‘incomer’?

A few examples found via the fantastic new search facility provided by the Gurn. Some taken directly from Gurn content and some from comments made in response:

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“Born and raised in Nairn, I am proud to be standing as an independent candidate for
Electoral Ward 19.”

Nairn Breeders Club said...

Aye! there's nae doot they are a good breeders in Nairn.

cradlehall said...

Well done, Eddie for serving 50 years with, effectively, the same employer.
Many congratulations on your retirement. You'll have a lot of time to play your guitar now!