Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time for residents' parking permits in the Fishertown?

A resident in the Fishertown has felt the need to erect this sign on their boundary wall. Parking in the Fishertown and some other areas of Nairn can cause problems. Some areas are just not designed for the level of car ownership that exists in modern society. The problem is rather acute at times in the Fishertown however. Earlier this year we reported on the Gurn how there were even calls for a parking mediation service in this area. 
One of our regular readers tells us: "  Parking is a problem in the area some folk use the pavements as a extra parking space making parents with prams use the road. Come on get something done before Fishertown is grid locked with parked car."
Perhaps it is time for the local authority to acknowledge the problem and issue residents with parking permits?

No parking problems in the town centre today however, plenty of parking here. The Co-op were lagging behind the Highland Council for a while but now they have their site tarred while the Council's patch is still waiting for the black stuff. Maybe it will be ready in time for the Christmas rush. 


Spelding said...

In the 1990’s I lived in King Street and there were plenty parking spaces between the roundabout and the Canteen. Now the cars are parked nose to tail even when there’s nothing happing at the Little Theatre. It’s clear public transport is not an option because it’s far too expensive and car ownership continues to increase.

Anonymous said...

wait till the council car park is nicely tarred and then the council will try and sell the car park

Road Raged said...

That sign is as offensive as the one at King Steps.

Fishermannie said...

I live in Fishertown with 3 cars in the household. I don't really seen any problem at all.
It's just a matter of being sensible, courteous to your neighbours and parking where it is not going to cause a traffic problem or a gateway / doorway obstruction.
Residents parking permits generally cause more problems than they solve. Anyway we no longer have a traffic warden to enforce them and the police obviously have more important duties to attended to.

yellow meanie said...

A nice try by the resident at No 8 but most of the Fishertown streets are public roads and therefore unless there are any restrictions folk can park freely where there is space

Too many cars, yes, and it's not as though there is much by the way of visitors parking in the Fishertown for events, the exceptions being the Little Theatre and the Laing Hall

Sorry folks, but you might have to be prepared to walk a little further from areas where there are parking spaces, Harbour St and the Links for example

Shanky said...

Imagine the indignant comments if this had been done in the Westafarian cooncil area