Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holes in the rocks - Does anybody know...?

Dave Shilabeer has sent the Gurn some pictures and he tells us:

"We had a gentleman come into the museum a few weeks ago asking about holes in the rocks between the Golf View and the swimming pool. I had to put my hands up and say I didn't know. Walking along the prom this morning I noticed them properly for the first time so am asking your readers help. This section I have photographed is right under the wall of the prom and there is a line of 7 holes running parallel to the wall about 2 metres (6ft) away. There are others in the area but I can't make out a discernible pattern. The holes are about 8cm (3in) in diameter. "

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D.Ross said...

I looked at these last year and came to the conclusion that they are holes for posts. These would have some form of solid sheeting/wall built between them. This would have then allowed a "dry" area between this and the land so that the "prom" could have been built! Standard construction procedure.