Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meanwhile down on the riverbank

A young heron looking for breakfast. Thanks to Jock Schneider for this picture.


duck off said...

Herons out of luck as I hear someone has removed a nice potential snack of some young ducklings from the river today

Nature Watcher said...

In reply to duck off. Why were the ducklings removed in the first place and for what reason why?. If somebody removed them wouldnt they be breaking the law? what rights do they have themselves for to do this but i can understand if it was for a good reason but does this person have the rights to do so? and can they confirm this with proof. If not then they are breaking the law. Nobody should be interfearing with nature as some of these birds are protected and the young birds shouldnt be removed from there parents?.

duck off said...

@ Nature Watcher

I wasn't condoning the actions of a certain well known person who has allegedly removed some late season ducklings, merely reporting in such a way as to not cause offence and get the thread immediately closed which is what usually happens!

Personally I believe as do many others that he should be locked up and then served with an ASBO to restrain him from visiting the harbour/river areas so that nature might once become nature and not the zoo which he has created

Sorry for the rant

Neutral said...

The jail for feeding the ducks - Duck off you are cream quackers!

duck off said...

Not jail for feeding, for allegedly removing ducklings from the river and taking them home and with the intent of capturing the mother as well

I don't approve of the constant feeding either, creates a very dependent environment and tames the birds putting them at risk

There is a line between a few breadcrumbs and twice daily feeds