Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kingsteps car park - information from 2003

It seems the authorities have been trying to discourage the use of the Kingsteps Car Park for some time. Ironically the recent publicity has probably encouraged even more people to head for this popular and convenient car park. Here's an extract from an article that appeared in the Nairnshire Telegraph in October 2003.  
The article goes on to quote a Reserve Warden Mr Steve Elliot: " The car park at Kingsteps was being overused and householders were sometimes blocked in. It had implications for emergency services. They were also being bothered by people asking where the beach was and where the toilets were."
At the time there was an ongoing wrangle about where to best place signs to the RSPB Culbin Reserve. 

In November another article appeared: "No end in sight for sign wrangle" and the picture seems to be very confused between the Forestry Commission, the RSPB and Highland Council over where to put the signs. Mr Elliot is again quoted stating that the East Beach is more suitable because it has toilets. Aren't those toilets closed at the moment however as part of the cuts? Does anyone know exactly what year the road to the Kinsteps car park was tarred? Was it before or after these discussions and attempts at discouraging use of the car park?


KevF said...

We have lodged a Freedom of Information with the council to find the information on the tarred road. We would like to know when it was done, how much it cost and what due diligence was completed before the road was tarred. I don't believe that the road has been adopted and, as such, means that the owner/residents should have paid for this work. If they are not willing to subsidise the cost then the council refuse truck should not be allowed to drive down, meaning the residents will need to bring their rubbish to the nearest 'public' road, Lochloy road.

Graisg said...

Looks like the refuse truck doesn't go down Kev. See the set of pictures linked in the article you will see two green wheelie bins put out on Lochloy Road that are clearly from the properties near the car park.
Isn't the road the property of Alexander Brodie and not the householders?

KevF said...

I believe that the road is his and, as such, should repay the council and taxpayer the costs of tarring it. One of his comments is that the residents originally complained about problems, so they should also be liable for the road maintenance that they use daily.

Now that the council have removed their bins from the car park there is no need for them to go down now!

Anonymous said...

Council trucks used to go down the road as the dog poo bins etc were emptied in the car park

Wise man of Kintail said...

Did any of us Gurnmeisters read last weeks Nairnshire in the letters to the Editor of the complaint about Alexander Brodie and his attitude. I think Alexander Brodie better watch out for the Lion Tamer or else he will get bitten and maybe not recover from his wounds.