Monday, October 29, 2012

If Forres gets a public vote on major Common Good issues then why not have that principle for Nairn too?

The Highland website has a report on the proposed major development on Common Good land in Forres. If the development went ahead it would mean yet another new stadium for the Can-Cans, a prospect that prompted of the Nairn twitterati to suggest that Forres Mechanics move closer to Elgin with each new stadium. Here's a section from the article:

" Although principal agreement has been reached with the club, the fact Mosset Park is built on common good land means that a public consultation held by Moray Council must vote in favour of the proposal, regardless of whether planning permission is obtained. Redco's last proposal - which didn't include the stadium rebuild plan - fell at this stage of the process, and Mechanics chairman Dr James Anderson was keen to emphasise that it will be the fans who make the ultimate call on the club's future."

The Forres Gazette has a report on the development here and states: "Mechanics chairman Dr James Anderson said that the club was "taking a neutral stance" with regards to the retail development, and would be guided by what the people of Forres want, bearing in mind that they previously voted no to selling common good land for development."

Now wouldn't it have saved a lot of trouble if we had been consulted in Nairn about the Deveron Homes development with ballot papers delivered to each door? Perhaps that could be done the next time anything is planned for Sandown or any of the other Common Good areas in the town? 

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Station Parker said...

Lucky Can-cans. They got a new ground about 20 years ago when the trunk roads authority needed their ground for a bypass. Now they have another great offer on the table.

A lot was talked years ago about Nairn County relocating from Station Park to a new multi sports complex at Sandown. But the council was interested in playing ball and it never happened of course. The present regime running Nairn County has done a fantastic job at Station Park with the team and making the best they can of the ground. Would be interesting to know what their long term plans for the ground are.

Forres Mechanics to their credit are keeping their fans in the loop and ensuring they are part of the decision making process. Maybe County can give their fans an update. They have appealed for anyone with cash to help fund ground redevelopment to come forward. It would be great if someone did. The club has never been better placed and credit must go to the present administration.