Thursday, October 18, 2012

Local food gets mapped

A new website is helping folk across the Country find local food to buy. A good initiative to help support local economies. There isn't much on the local food map for Narin yet, however.


The Grun said...

"There isn't much on the local food map for Narin yet"

There are however a few entries for Nairn!

Anonymous said...

Househill I hope will be there. Go try there Beef from Little Kildrummie WOW! There is no comparison to your supermarket mass produced chewy maggoty sized lumps of mince which squeak between your teeth!! BLARGH !! It melts in your mouth. Prices.... well very pleasantly surprised to find is no more expensive than Sainsbury! Get to Househill, or on second thoughts..... don't... as might not be enough left for me :)