Thursday, October 18, 2012

Facebook persona - Cullthegull Nairn

A facebook page states: "I live Scotland in a small town called Nairn. I'm a pest and love to steal chips from kids leaving the chip shop etc. I crap on cars and love to swarm down over kids at school and steal their lunches. I'm a danger to kids as when I attack they panic in put themselves in life threatening situations by running onto the road without looking as they are to busy trying to get away from me.
 I was featured on televisions "News Round" a few years back for attacking kids in the playground."

A subject with a serious side but a humourous character has appeared on Facebook and is gathering friends. You can see Cull the Gull Nairn's profile here but you have to be signed in to Facebook to see all the information.    This time of year the Gulls are mostly all down the beach behaving like seagulls, next year perhaps there will be more activity in making their nesting sites uncomfrotable but it will be a big job and who pays?


nae gulls here said...

[...]We're hoping that the council will start killing the young gulls preferably when they're still just eggs in the nest.
I wouldn't mind if the gulls stayed out at sea but they come into town and are a nuisance. The sooner we can get rid of them all the better. A gull free Nairn would be a great place, one gull is a gull too many

Nairngetsapoordealagain said...

Highland Council spent £31,000 in INVERNESS removing nests and eggs from nests throughout the summer. They also plan to do the same next year, again only in Inverness.
Why is this not happening in Nairn ?
It's time our ineffective councillors got their act together and got things done for their electors ! Stop all the money going to Inverness, it's outrageous !

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is people continue to feed the pests. My neighbour feeds a young one that sits on his roof squeaking and calling for food for hours on end. One day the vermin gull will attack his grandchild and he will then stop his anti social behaviour, perhaps.
Could HC issue ASBO to such people?

narook said...

i also feed gulls along with all other birds in my garden,and to issue asbo,s to offenders like me is not going to stop me,its time the do gooders and bible thumpers in my area grew up
we are all gods creatures and need to eat to survive.

Anonymous said...

Well said narook.

Anonymous said...

Narook,so you admit your actions are offensive, don't blame the gull when it rips open the back of your head. Do you feed the rats in your garden also? They are on a par with gulls. Make sure your tetanus and other gull disease jags are up to date. Wash your hands thoroughly so you don't pass anything onto the rest of us.

make me very proud said...

We openly encourage the poor birds with food scraps and our building are ideal nesting spaces which they occupy through no fault of their own, and we want to kill them for doing so. That would make us humans then?

narook said...

with reference to anonymous,re.admitting my actions are offensive,i have only admitted that i feed ALL BIRDS,and certainly
do not,in any way find it offensive,
its inane comments like yours i find offensive,i will continue to feed all birds,so get a life,grow up,live and let live,its people like you that are nimbys