Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mediation service needed for Nairn parking disputes?

On Tuesday night Tommy Hogg and Stephanie Whittaker of River CC outlined how they are increasingly being approached by Fishertown residents who have concerns/issues about parking in their area. 
The Fishertown obviously was not designed for the modern lifestyle where many families will have two or even three cars. In the Fishertown and other parts of the Nairn where there is limited space for parking, often have unwritten informal arrangements about where to park, the necessary manoeuvring and conventions having been formed over many years. Sometimes this can break down if a new person moves into an area or someone from a neighbouring street decides to park in a different location. Things can become quite heated when parking issues arise and this observer too has seen neighbours fall out with each other once or twice over the years as too many cars try and fit into a small space.

River members were at a loss what to do about such disputes that can arise because really if the vehicles are taxed, insured and roadworthy and parked legally then there is nothing the police can do. Cllr Simon Noble suggested that perhaps the mediation service that existed for Council tenants who have disputes with neighbours could be extended to deal with such situations. 

Last night at the West CC meeting parking was again on the agenda with some councillors concerned at the numbers of cars that now park outside Hebron House in Seabank Road, allegedly making part of the roadway effectively single track. The Westies also returned to the subject of vehicles using the West End rat run at peak periods and Bill Young is in continuing correspondence with Highland Council Officials. It was claimed that official correspondence confirms that the traffic lights situated in Nairn are not functioning as they were intended. Other white/yellow line matters were raised too.
 Paying attention to the concerns of the community last night were SNP Highland councillors Liz and Colin who were also in attendance at the River CC meeting on Tuesday. 

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yellow lines said...

I live in Fishertown and the family next to me has five cars which they park on the road even though they have two parking spaces in their garden but the kids like to play there!

Maybe the Links will need to accommodate the Fishertown cars, and apart from dropping off items parked cars will have to be limited to one per household

The move towards more flats doesn't help matters either