Monday, May 07, 2012

Salty falls in love with his own reflection?

Salty had been delivering nesting material to a shop door on the High Street and was totally obsessed with his own reaction.

Another short Salty video here. 


chapper said...

I have regularly seen this behaviour from a gull in the Fishertown. I suspect it's a trick they've picked up to try and get the occupants behind the door/window to give them food. The racket usually ensures I get up and shoo the gull away

Anonymous said...

Looks like Salty is wanting into the butchers for his sausages. :-D

Anonymous said...

Why do people find this funny ? There needs to be a cull !

humane treatment said...

@Anon 6:07

Quite right anon, there are far too may people getting in the way of the wild birds and animals

Can we include you in the first cull?

Anonymous said...

I wrote the comment about salty wanting his sausages. I fully understand, listen and agree with concerns raised about Seagulls in the town that they can be a menace. But come on surely a little humour is allowed in this town.

Salty said...

Ah yes the menace of the seagull

We build structures (buildings) that the seagulls find perfect as nest sites but we don't like that

Some people feed the gulls and that attracts them to us and the town as a source of food

We have more or less removed a great proportion of the fish in the sea, so their natural food is no longer there

Sea birds are in decline

Nairn is beside the sea, so we have seagulls

Should the hapless birds move to the beach there are some dog owners who think it's great fun to let their pooch chase the gulls

And the answer to this from Anon 6:07, lets kill them

Anonymous said...

gulls have a right to live,and a right to eat,i,for one,will continue to feed all birds,including gulls

Paul Murray said...

hi. i also recorded this daft gull pecking at the glass door at Browns the butcher. i thought the gull was thinking the food was real on the poster on inside of door.