Thursday, May 24, 2012

A trip to the Highland Folk Museum via Grantown prompts comment from Vix

Gurn correspondent Vix Sinex is not amused that there is not much happening on the Jubilee front in Nairn's main thoroughfare. He has some outspoken thoughts on local politics too. Click on the slideshow to see the pictures he refers to or here to see them individually. Do you agree with Vix's opinions? Yes or no we'd be delighted to publish your views too. In the meantime without further ado here's Vix:

"I was fortunate enough yesterday to accompany members of Nairn Literary Society on their annual outing to The Highland Folk Museum at Newtonmore. To those Nairnites who haven't been before, apart from a great day out there is another great incentive. ITS FREE! No 10% reductions for age, families or those holding a specific card. No BOGOF's, everyone is free, so for those with kids during the holidays, here is one day to think about. 

Anyway, on our way home we stopped off in Grantown. Bunting all over the place, (see pic) and shops gaily decorated for The Diamond Jubilee. One of our number explained to me after I had bemoaned Nairn's poor performance that the last crop of councillors, (of which we still have 2) felt there wasn't enough time to organise anything and there was also the election to think about. Whether or not this is true, we have had 60 years to prepare and correct me if I am wrong, didn't Grantown have the same election's on the same day? There was also apparently not enough interest amongst the Nairn retail fraternity but some were prepared to give support to the Curtis Cup. Come on Nairn retailers, what a wasted opportunity.
Through the cup, we are going to have an influx of American and other foreign tourists. A lot of them are more supportive of our Queen than we are. What message are we putting over? Even if you are not a supporter of monarchy look at it from the commercial standpoint. You keep complaining about the state of Nairn's commercial viability but are not prepared to help yourselves. There is much truth in the saying, "You have to speculate to accumulate." What is the cost of a bit of bunting, a small amount of vision and a wee bit of time? I suspect that a number of us will see one or maybe two Coronations in our lifetime. How long will it be before another Diamond Jubilee? I walked the High Street this morning and to be fair, a number of you have put in an effort to a greater or lesser degree (see attached photographs). However, I  did notice that our newly deposed provost is leading by example yet again ... by doing nothing. 

Well Mr Green, now is your chance to practice what you stated on page 6 of The Nairnshire this week. Are you really prepared to take up the challenge? To badger and cajole, if not for these two occasions, but for any future events? I fear the others won't be too supportive of your efforts judging by their past performances. Call me an old cynic if you will but I suspect that the Liz - Laurie saga is set to continue and a lot of their time will be taken up 'playing politics'. Scores have to be settled. Faces have to be saved and in the ensuing battle to come, as come it must, Nairn will be the loser. How long will it be I wonder before you are ground down by the party politics and the stupefying Nairn apathy. You stated after your maiden attendance at Glenurquhart Road that you were taken aback by the presence of "politics" whether in real terms or as a part of a "group" of Independents. Were you that naive when you stuck your head above the parapet?

Let's hear the cries of anguish from those who feel slighted over this one. Will we be blessed with a response from the main protagonists? I think not.

Question:- Has anyone thought of a more permanent memorial for the occasion? The tree for a previous coronation (see pic) is quite big now. "

Vic Sinex


citizen not subject said...

Dear oh dear, what a load of old tosh! Stop tugging your forelock Vic and have some self-respect. Anyone else feel like we might be living in North Korea with all the media-led fawning and sycophancy over the dear leader. Well done Nairn traders for not jumping on the bandwagon. Has it ever occurred to Vic and his ilk that some of us might actually boycott rather than support any shop which starts putting up bunting, etc for this Jubilee nonsense. Thankfully in Scotland most folk are canny enough not to be sucked in by the whole shenanigans. Alex Salmond needs to realise that he might gain more than he loses by campaigning for a Scottish Republic rather than this keeping the monarchy nonsense. The monarchy underpins the whole rotten establishment of governance from the top down rather than from the people up, and quite frankly has no place in a modern and fair democracy. So don't fall for the spin, people; don't just follow like sheep. Dig around a little and find out what monarchy actually means in the whole scheme of things in this country, it's not just a harmless bit of pomp for the tourists, and it's certainly not something to fawn over!
Stuff the Jubilee - aspire to be citizens not subjects!

Saltire Bunting said...

Why not use Saltire bunting or at least mix a few in with the Union Jack?

Saltire said...

Flying the Saltire on jubilee day, what a great idea. I'm going to find the largest Saltire available and fly it high. And maybe I'll eat cranachan rather than strawberries and cream, and have a quiet celebration toasting Scotland with a wee dram in all it's glory

Saltire Down To Viewfield said...

Give me a shout and I will join you in Viewfield.

Highland Republic Affiliation said...

The Jubilee propaganda for the monarchy is quite appalling enough already and the way it tries to brainwash everyone especially children is terrible. It promotes unquestioning ignorance which is an unnatural state for the young - they need to be shown the alternatives and other views. We're just supposed to be silent and go along with it. I refuse. I've had one girl say "Just got to say your t-shirt is awesome! Awesome." and yesterday I was asked by a Sainsburys Nairn checkout girl with an English accent "Do you mind if I ask you, what's a republic?" when she saw my t-shirt 'Never Mind the Jubilee, we want a Republic'. I said where the leader is elected by the people and accountable to them and she said "Oh, so you elect your monarchy?" so effectively had monarchy been drilled into her consciousness. Just one of the many reasons why the BBC and others when pushing their gung ho jubilee propaganda for all they're worth should put a disclaimer across the screen saying 'other forms of government are available'.

stirling girl said...

I think lots of the shop windows in the High Street look very nice.

Seems to me that shop owners are damned of they do & damned if they don't. I certainly woudln't want to run a small business in a town where folks are so keen to tell the shopkeepers what a poor job they are doing.

As a visitor, I think the High Street looks far better than any other town centre I can think of and it's nice to see someone organising a competition so that the shops that dress their windows can win a prize.

You should be proud of your town centre, some folks obviously don't know what most other places look like.

Jane Harkiss said...

I have to say I'm with HRA on this one - apart from the English accent bit. I've an English accent and absolutely nothing ever gets drilled into me without my permission. Plus I'm not entirely thick. I'm just not a flag waving kinda gal and I'm def a citizen not a subject - Vic's propoganda-fest there did make me feel a tad nauseous. P xx