Wednesday, May 09, 2012

West CC disappointment with bus station flats and supermarket go-ahead.

Disappointment was expressed at the West Community Council meeting tonight over the recent decision to give planning permission to the controversial bus station garage development.

Rosemary Young expressed her dismay that issues raised by West CC were not presented at the planning meeting and that the views of the West should have carried equal weight with River CC who were the statutory consultees. The development is on the dividing line between the two councils’ areas and River were in favour with West opposed. Perhaps most forthright in condemnation of the development was former West CC member Graham Vine who said:
“I was utterly horrified to read that when one of our elected members suggested that there should be a site visit to decide whether or not they should build a 4 storey block at the bus station, another of Nairn’s elected members vetoed it and pushed it through without such a site visit. If and when a child is killed by a lorry reversing into that supermarket because there is nowhere for children to play, and they’re family flats. I will make sure that it is well publicised in the Nairnshire that that particular councillor is responsible for that child’s injury or death.”


stamping up and down having a tantrum in the street said...

There's throwing your toys out of the pram when you don't get your own way, and then we have Rosemary Young who seems instead to have issued a modern day curse!

I was going to say that if the flats had been blocked by the West CC then the next homeless person I see in Nairn is all down to them, but I would't

What a shame that some adults feel the need to resort to such childlike behaviour when they don't get their own way

Graisg said...

The bus station development split the community and continues to do so. We all saw the drawings and it will be interesting to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

This community will always be split....people who live near a proposed development are always going to object to it, with no thought of whether it would do the rest of Nairn good or not. That applys to Sandown and Nairn South developments, the rest of us don' t really care.