Thursday, May 10, 2012

Merryton little green men doing it for themselves again

One of our Gurn traffic light observers reports that the little green men at Merryton are once again doing their own thing unaided by pedestrians and will be adding to the usual delays that can be experienced when trying to drive through sunny Nairn. (And that's without a simultaneous demolition of the old Free Kirk and the petrol station to add to the fun - that should start next week according to Liz)
As we mention in the post below, last night Bill Young was in possession of correspondence that seemed to show that it is agreed at official level that the lights are not working as they were intended. The Nairnshire Telegraph were very interested in Bill's letters and hopefully we will hear more next week. 


Spaced said...

Maybe Tyres is in town?

Anonymous said...

rip the damn lights out,as they are causing more hold ups in town....more trouble than they are worth,,,,better off with mini roundabouts

Anonymous said...

So it's official, the lights aren't working as intended. Goodness me isn't it wonderful we have expert officials to tell us that. Spelding