Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Double Demolition in Sunny Nairn - Game on!

Preliminary work has began to make the Old Kirk/Community Centre secure, allowing demolition without incurring any risk to the public or passing traffic on the A96. A section of the Library car park has been sealed off and the A96 end of Courthouse Lane will soon be closed too. A line of wooden posts as been cemented into the ground parallel to the main road and the old Social Work building is the temporary headquarters of th e contractors. Individual pictures here and a full screen slide show here. Demolition - stay in the big picture with the Gurn!

And from the Highland Council website: "Phase I of the demolition will involve stripping of the interior of the building and this will last for 3 weeks. Phase II will involve the removal of the two Nissan huts. Phase III will be the demolition of the main building.

Under Phases I and II, 33 parking spaces in the Library Car Park will be out of use to the public as they are needed for the contractor’s compound. Under Phase III, a further 16 parking spaces will be out of use to the public in the Falconers Lane Car Park and the Courthouse Lane exit will be closed to traffic."


Nairnlass said...

Really hope that they just landscape the area with flower beds and lots of car parking spaces, rather than selling it on for someone to build flats on it.

Anonymous said...

why not go the whole hog and complete the demolishion of the bus station and the carbuncle old church,the church owners have had long enough to repair/or demolish it,i say get rid of it now