Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Nairnshire this week

"Cemetery Unrest", it looks like things are getting worse, much worse up at the Cemetery as we enter the second year of the grass cutting being out to tender. Liz speaks out once agan for her constinuents who are alarmed at the state of the cemetery. This week's front page article is disturbing reading - time for the new Highland Council regime to take the cemetery contract back in house and get the local guys back on the job? 
Plenty more in the this week's local paper including  Iain Bain attacking the new traffic arrangements at the Station Brae on Cawdor Road, he says: "This is not the arrangement that will sit happily with major housing development in South Nairn."
UPDATE: Comment in from Old Boy, saying it like it is?


nairnguy said...

In regards to the new road layout which i use most day's i can not get over that they have not re-done the road with new tar !.i feel sorry for people who are in the back of an ambulance going to the hospital must feel like they are going off road at time's.Yes this is just a small part of road of many needing done BUT i find it very dangerous especially for people on bike's !

Greg said...

Whether the new arrangement is suitable or not for Nairn South remains to be seen. As a regular user of the side junction from the sawmill direction it's much safer and easier to pull out onto Station Brae, but as a cyclist I agree the new cycle "diversion" heading towards town is very rough, although a nice feature to have. You would have thought a bit of new tar wouldn't have been too much to ask !

Old Boy said...

Fiasco, Fiasco, Fiasco yet again what the hell has happened to this town of Nairn when we cant even in say 18months time have enough land to bury our dead, plus I have been informed that at the moment you cant buy a lair at The Shabby Cemetery as there is none available, now its not rocket science but surely those who are responsible for the running of the graveyard know there is very little space left & that the public are bound to be concerned.

Balls up number 2 is the lack of concern for the state of The Links
with broken glass & litter strewn about the place, has someone from Glenurquhart Road ever bothered to get of there arse & visit, me thinks not.

Cock up number 3 " Sandown " need I say more.

Shambles number 4 The Regal Building still an eysore, what a delight to the eye for The Curtis Cup visitors.

Dont make a noise 5 The Library Building on The High Street which costs a fotune to rent.

Boo, is there any entertainment in the town for summer visitors, with apologies to The Proclaimers, Vintage Car Rally no more.
St Colms Fair, no more.
The Cawdor Fete,no more.
The Harbour Festival, no more.
Home Holiday Week, no more.
The Golf Week, no more.

The state of The High Street which in some parts looks shabby.

Loan Loan Loan the cost of the new Community Centre.

Is the past decline due to our local lightweight councillors being thrown in the ring against The Inverness heavyweights