Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Gurnshire election fun poll closes tomorrow morning

The Gurn's unscientific fun poll closes tomorrow morning. It's only fun but in a past poll we came very close to one or two of the Holyrood results.  There is only one poll that really matters though and that is when the doors open across Nairnshire's polling stations on Thursday morning.
Have you voted yet in our poll however?  It's in the sidebar and from the unscientific information it presents this observer will be rash enough to make two predictions. Liz will come top and the Tories (Scottish Conservative and Unionists) will come bottom. More analysis about the chances of the rest of the candidates tomorrow.
In the meantime, if you still haven't decided where to put your preferences, why not have a look at all the Hustings video's and questions - click here. Here's where Stephen Manders introduces the candidates, to see more videos click here.   All the videos and questions will be available for future reference.

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Anonymous said...

Well done to the Gurn for taking the time to do all this. The videos give a unique insight to the potential candidates. Gives a lot more information than the Nairnshire.