Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Big Bloomers Curtis Cup display

Park Street Pete commented on the Gurn this morning: 

"While heading up to The Co-op to get a Nairnie noticed the flower shop Big Bloomers window display, what a fantastic effort which is celebrating The Curtis Cup Golf Tournament hitting The Town next month what a delight to see that someone has put a lot of thought & effort to bring a splash of colour to our drab High Street, maybe the newly elected councillors should nip in to the BB shop & ask the owner for some advice on how to brighten up Nairn"

Pete is correct, Big Bloomers have made a magnificent effort. We hope to get a picture of the other window later today, too many reflections this morning to do it justice. Worth a trip down the street to see this display.


Caddy On said...

Well done to the owners of the flower shop for getting the ball rolling in Nairn for there excallent window display for the upcoming event of the Curtis Cup. Heres hoping the rest of the shops in the High Street will get involved as it would make a big difference and it would prove that Nairn people are interested in getting involved. I think i will go across the road and get a Ashers Curtis cake if theres any left.

james said...

the ashers top shop one will be appearing soon :)

Park Street Pete said...

Im at the age that I can remember when Nairn once had a great community spirit when most of your classmates would enter The Nairn Home Holiday Weeks Fancy Dress Parade with your Mam digging out her old high heelers & frock with a bit of lippy,& dressing you up as a Wifie, I was to young to understand by my Dear Mum dressed me up Lady Chatterley with my brother playing her Lover which won us first prize & hoots of laughter from the crowd & judges, what was great that every child that entered was given a ticket that entitled them to a free Morgantis ice cream from their van which was parked on The Links, The Parade started from The High Street with the decorated floats & the children some even with their decorated bikes would follow & end up finishing at The Cricket Pitch with a large crowd gathered on the bank to watch with the crowning of The Home Holiday Queen with her attendants, today what has the town got to attract the visitors, sadly very little entertainment so come on the good folk of Nairn lets go to town & stop bloody moaning which seems to be a hobby in this town & lets party, life is to short so lets get together & have some fun & put Nairn back on the map.

SusieDuncs said...

Totally agree with all the comments. Big Bloomers have done a fantastic job on their windows. Hope others take heed and follow on.