Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

Our correspondent Vix Sinex was out of town when the chain was restored to the correct recipient. Read what he has to say below a few of his latest pictures. Individual pictures here.  

"I go away for a few days and you become embroiled in a little spat over watts and tutu's. What an electrifying performance. I caught up on the Gurn last night. Well done Liz on getting the chain back. I don't agree with your party politics but at least you fight for Nairn. Justice has been done and a salutary lesson has been given to others. Nairnites, do not complain too loudly, especially over the state of the roads
Ayrshire and especially the town of Ayr is a driver's nightmare. Some third world countries could put it to shame over its highways maintenance program. This does not however give you elected representatives cause for complacency. As ever, your performance is being watched. I got home early enough last night to go up to the old Culloden station and watch 60163 'Tornado' power up the incline from the viaduct on its way to Inverness. The early sun this morning was too good to miss so I popped up to the woods at Cawdor. The new leaf canopy is really coming in to its own but no blue carpet yet. On my way there the line of trees in the yellow field caught my eye. The trees look as though they are growing in the field but they are in fact in a sunken lane going up to Culcharry."

Vic Sinex


D S said...

Were these pictures taken in Ayrshire in the borders.

Graisg said...

Read carefully and you will note that they are local scenes including the Culloden Viaduct.

Anonymous said...

Would a locomotive built in Darlington still be allowed to run on Scottish rails after independence???? :)

Anonymous said...

Definately not the 17.45 leaving from