Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scammers phoning Nairn numbers

A regular Gurnite’s relative received a phone call this afternoon (Friday) from a foreign sounding gentleman.  He informed her that after her complaint several weeks ago about unwanted calls he was now in the position to reassure her that her calls would be screened from now on and she would no longer be bothered by nuisance or scam phone calls.  When she said that she hadn’t spoken to anyone regarding this, he went on to say that, perhaps someone else in the household had been in touch with ‘them’.  Alarm bells had started ringing by this time as she is the only one in the household and, when the foreign gentleman asked her to confirm her bank details she was on full alert.  She told him that she was not giving him this information and he then explained that it was ok, and that he already had her information and only required her give him her details in confirmation.  She reiterated that she was not going t do this and the gentleman promptly hung up.  No doubt he then moved on to his next victim.

So, Gurnites, once again, be vigilant, if you get a phone call of this type or a variation of the scenario, do not give your details.


Anonymous said...

i say bring back the lash,and flog these bastards on a saturday on the high st.a good public flogging would stop these scammers

Anonymous said...

Got the call today and hung up on warned. He sounds indian and the call said international on my display. Surely BT can do somethng about this or are they powerless to what comes through their network?

Anonymous said...

Have a blather with them, play dumb and waste their time. I did this recently, had my daughter in stitches, after my suggestion that the lady caller ought to try a legal job that might make her parents proud of her she shouted a few obscenities and hung up! By doing this I've obviously been bumped off their gullible list and prevented, briefly them pestering someone else. Beat them at their own game.