Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vix Sinex waxes lyrical

Our correspondent Vix Sinex is again in good form: 

"Hey, what's that strange yellow thing in the sky? I went out to Cawdor this morning to see if the bluebells were blooming and the new beech leaves had burst to give the canopy cover that lovely dappled shade. Still no go but about another 10 -14 days and the woods should be a joy to behold.

The rape is getting to its fullest bloom now and with the sunshine will be really vibrant. The trees have a mixture of colours just at that point of bud burst.

It's a pity a certain councillor saw fit to spoil the tree line in Nairn in favour of a roof. Here I go again, I can feel the blood pressure rising."

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Anonymous said...

wot a load of crap
stuff the bluebells and rape
set fire to the old bus station and community centre and save thousands off the bill for knocking it down

Anonymous said...

There wouldn't be a bill for the inevitable demolition and clean up after a fire then? A well reasoned and thought out argument with accompanying high standards of the English language. What a Philistine. The man has no soul. Oh, and 'wot' is spelt 'W H A T' in my dictionary.

Graisg said...

Personally I'm not to bothered by how people express themselves with the written word. If they sometimes wish to use dialect or slang that doesn't meet the standards of standard English/or even standard Scots then whet/wot/what's wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your trip. When you finally get to bothered perhaps you could let me know where it is. Shouldn't it read...too bothered? There was a discussion this week as to whether teachers should correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. If they are too hard it reduces the poor childs self esteem and confidence. If teachers abdicate this role as well they will end up as very highly paid child minders. Eventually the child has to apply for a job, in writing. Need I say more?

Graisg said...

Yes this observer makes spelling mistakes. I hope that doesn't detract from your enjoyment of the Gurn, please accept a full refund if not delighted with the service provided here. Anyway there are those who might argue now that it should read 2 bothered.
I said nothing about teachers abdicating their role. If people wish to use dialect, slang, text or anything else in their personal correspondence or anything outside of their work or professional lives then let them get on with it and don't get tooo bothered about it.

A picture speaks a thousand words said...

Never mind the words, just look at the pictures.