Monday, May 07, 2012

Jubilee events across Nairnshire

An article in yesterday's Sunday Times was suggesting that Scotland has been less than enthusiastic in its willingness to celebrate the Jubilee: "There are a handful of events organised at significant tourist attractions but more than half of Scotland's 32 local authorities have no plans to celebrate."

That no longer seems to be the case locally. Things were slow in getting off the ground here but now a programme of events has emerged and a list has come the Gurn's way.

1. Cawdor.

Cawdor have an excellent programme planned over the Jubilee Weekend, details will be published shortly.

Cawdor Estate have registered a beacon/bonfire with the national Beacon Pageantmaster for the night of Monday 4th June.

2. Nairn.

Picnic In The Park at Viewfield on Sunday 3rd June. Yvonne Cotter, Manager of the Nairn Museum is spearheading this one with full support from the 3  Community Councils in Nairn, Louise Clark and the Rotary Club. Details will be published in due course.

3.  Auldearn.

Plans are underway for opening the recently refurbished Church hall on Saturday 2nd June followed by a Village Picnic with plenty of entertainment on Sunday 3rd June. Details will be published by them in due course.

4. Geddes.

There will a beacon/bonfire near Geddes Village on the night of Monday 4th June. This has been registered with the national Beacon Pageantmaster and is already built.

5.The Army Cadets.

A beacon/bonfire on Nairn Beach on the night of Monday 4th June.

6. The Thames Pageant on Sunday 3rd June.

A boat named Blakeney is representing Nairnshire supported and crewed by members of the Nairn Sailing Club. There will be 1,000 boats taking part in the flotilla. There will be an opportunity later on in the summer for the boat to be seen when it visits Nairn.  

7. Nairn Golf Club Diamond Jubilee Street Party on Tuesday 5th June (
This is an afternoon event being hosted by the Ladies Section at the Nairn Golf Club in the Curtis Cut Pavilion for members and guests who are in Nairn for the Curtis Cup.

8. Diamond Jubilee Church Service. A Sunday date has still to be confirmed for an ecumenical service which will be held in the Old Parish Church. The service will probably be held in the afternoon at 3pm.
It may include Bellringing (Old Parish Church) by Scott Gordon & John Pottie but this could also take place in the evening of Monday 4th June before the beacons are lit.


Let them eat cake said...

I still can't believe that Highland Council decided we were rich enough to give all staff the day off

Council Tax frozen for five years and they can find enough money for the Jubilee.

I hope people remind them of this when the cuts really start to effect us all, still, no doubt when this happens we'll be able to sit back and think what a great day we had for the Queen's Jubilee

remember those less fortunate said...

You've missed off one important event, those of us who wish to think about those families in Nairn who are having to seek food handouts

Anonymous said...

Are The High Street Shops doing anything?

Park Street Pete said...

While heading up to The Co-op to get a Nairnie noticed the flower shop Big Bloomers window display, what a fantastic effort which is celebrating The Curtis Cup Golf Tournament hitting The Town next month what a delight to see that someone has put a lot of thought & effort to bring a splash of colour to our drab High Street, maybe the newly elected councillors should nip in to the BB shop & ask the owner for some advice on how to brighten up Nairn!!!!!!!