Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food Parcels - Blythswood helped 55 people so far in Nairn this year

In light of the airing in the Nairnshire (also published here on the Gurn) of the recent revelation that there is a school of thought in Nairn that feels that giving citizens in need free food parcels is "not only an empty gesture, it is a futile gesture and its going to all the wrong people",  we thought we would ask the Blythswood charity for their response to this allegation. The organisation's Lorna Dempster told the Gurn: 

"All I can really say is that the people we help are as carefully assessed as possible by our partnering agencies. With an increase in job losses and low paid employment it is really difficult for many in society to manage with little resources. Currently we are helping a family, not from Nairn, who have been waiting for 12 weeks for child benefit to be processed. The mum of the 12 week old baby is using other resources to buy nappies and baby milk as she is not entitled to free milk until child benefit kicks in – this is leaving her in a tight position financially."

We also asked for some statistics to put a clearer picture on the situation in Nairn, recent media reports have  indicated that several hundred people in the Nairn area rely on parcels. We know the economic situation is still deteriorating for many people but what is the accurate picture of the current numbers in receipt of food parcels in Nairn?  Lorna was quick to respond:

"So far this year we have helped 55 people in Nairn – 35 adults and 20 children. With the exception of maybe a couple of this number they are all different people. Each food allocation to a single person is valued at roughly between £25 and £30 and for a family between £33 and £40. 

The Gurn asked how those who may want to donate cash to alleviate the worsening situation could help. Lorna told us:

"Although all of our food is donated, the cost to run such a project is phenomenal. At present we have three agencies who refer clients from Nairn and for one of these Blythswood Care takes responsibility in delivering Emergency Food Boxes to them.

Any financial donations should be sent to Blythswood Care, Highland Deephaven, Evanton, Ross-shire, IV16 9XJ and highlighted ‘For Foodbank’ "

The Gurn also understands that Tommy Hogg and Dick Youngson, the chairs of River and Suburban CC's respectively, today purchased £200 worth of food for food parcels, these are now on their way to Blythswood. Sainsbury's supermarket, where the purchases were made, also donated another £30 worth of food. Image of the food on the Blythswood
lorry on the left.
West CC's donation will be given to Blythswood in the next few days.

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Anonymous said...

While the fact that anyone is in receipt of food parcels in this is area is shocking, it is a sign that we are not immune to the financial storm raging around us. We are all suffering from rising costs and less money, and any of us may have need of help. However, the figures quoted in the article throw a different light onto the figures which were previously quoted in the local and national newspapers. Why was there such a large discrepancy?

Well done to the Community Councils, and Sainsbury's for making donations and providing food.