Friday, May 18, 2012

Auldearn demolition

Bob Stewart sends us a few pictures of the demolition work in Auldearn and he tells the Gurn: "since demolition seems to be topical in the Nairn area, please find attached a couple of photos showing the gap where the old Lion Hotel used to be in Auldearn. Work is ongoing."
Thanks Bob, much appreciated. Individual pictures here. 


Anonymous said...

auld willie fraser will be spinning in his grave if he saw his beloved lion hotel now

Willies Dungarees said...

I remember when i was young and visiting my brother when he stayed in Auldearn behind the Lion Hotel all the old men and women would be standing on the corner of the Hotel on a Sunday morning having a friendly bleather what a great laugh we used to get and you got all the local gossip what was going on in Auldearn The crack in those days was good all the old characters have gone but they will never be forgoten.