Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dairy rumours

Rumours out there on twitter about the Nairn Dairy, hope they are just that.
UPDATE: sadly it seems the community might have to brace itself for bad news concerning part of the dairy's operations.
UPDATE: This morning it is being reported that Grahams are contemplating stopping production at the Dairy which would result in the loss of 13 jobs. If that were to happen the Dairy complex would be converted into a distribution centre only.


Anonymous said...

So no local milk on the doorstep in the future then! It will all be tanked down to bridge of Allan and we won't know if the milk we get back will be from the local herds or not!,

Anonymous said...

Grahams recently won a contract to supply all the Highland schools and the first thing they do is shut the only dairy they have in the highlands,when sainsbury opened their new store we were told that "the dairy across the road" would be suppliying the milk, but it all comes from Bridge of Allan.

Graisg said...

This webpage gives details of the contract with Highland Council that you mention anon:

Obviously it is enviornmental madness to send milk down the road and then bring it back to schools, supermarkets etc. It makes economic sense to the company however. Just seems crazy.

Spurtle said...

The ugly , and increasinly unsustainable, face of economic liberalism.