Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Teresa the Traffic warden is back!

Time for illegal parkers and motorists behaving badly to up their game a little. This from the Northern Constabulary:
"Northern Constabulary in Nairn is pleased to announce that the position of part time Traffic Warden for Nairn has been filled after the completion of the recruitment process.

Teresa Cameron will take up post from Tuesday 8 May 2012. Teresa who lives locally
previously filled this position on a seasonal basis in 2011. Traffic Wardens in East Division not only enforce traffic regulations but also assist in the numerous events over the summer period.

These include Rockness, The Scottish Open and more locally the Curtis Cup, Nairnshire Challenge, Nairn Farmers Society Show and the Nairn Highland Games. Teresa is well known to staff at Nairn Office as she is also a Special Constable in her spare time.

Inspector Murdo MacLeod commented: "We are delighted that the Force gave the go-ahead to fund this post on an all year round basis, especially in times of tight budgetary constraints. There has been much debate regarding the traffic warden services provided in the town and this go some way in providing some continuity.

"Teresa, like the Inverness Wardens who assisted in the interim, will receive my full support in enforcing traffic regulations in a robust and fair manner."


Graisg said...

Thank you anon but if you want to anonymously accuse taxis of breaking the law then you had better come up with some evidence. As to how many taxis have been booked or not - where does one get statistics?
You do add:
"On a constructive note - why not double up the Parking Bay outside the Co-op as a Taxi Rank. Used by lorries when they need to and for Taxis at all other times !! A very simple solution and one that only costs a tin of paint !"

Worth reading the Nairnshire, one taxi boss claims there is an agreement with the police on where to park on the High Street.

Anonymous said...

Northern Constabulary published all but her address - full name and lives locally. Is this new a new Police directive so we can go and chap on the doors of employees or write letters to them if we're not happy, or an indication of their new robust and fair policy?

Anonymous said...

Taxis provide a great service to the town, they should get a rank in the High Street, why not? good for the high street and the public!

Surely they would be able to agree that one car from each firm be able to wait for fares at any given time.

Q system same as Inverness front car takes the fare etc etc.


Graisg said...

@ anon "Thank you for editing and censoring my comment - definitely not a way to solicit comments in your blog !!" you say. Fine please accept a full refund.
Re your conversation with a traffic warden. Start your own blog if you want that published.
If you wish to go along to a community council meeting and state your allegations publicy with your name to them then they may become newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how some of the most upstanding members of our community are happy to flout parking rules and as the Gurn has shown in the past park on double yellow lines and on the pavement at the same time. Why is it that some people feel traffic laws shouldn't apply to them, I include speeding in within this. Perfectly respectable citizens until they get in their cars

I wish out Traffic Warden well, hopefully she will keep Loading Bays clear for lorries and some members of our community respect for the law

Wats the story said...

Apart from Teresa the Traffic Warden, might we also expect to see Miss Hoolie the Teacher, Archie the Inventor, PC Plum the Policeman etc?

Anonymous said...

the proposed parking of taxis outside library,,that,ll be another disabled bay gone,as is the one outside post office,,its not been re painted since road was re tarred,so 2 disabled bays gone

Anonymous said...

Is there really that many people roaming the High Street looking for taxi's during the day? Nairn is hardly Inverness or any other big city. Most of the time the taxi's waiting are not waiting to pick up people from the street but waiting to go out to their next pick up (if you see what I mean). There are a couple of taxi offices where people can wait and they can also phone for a taxi and be picked up.
There are not enough parking spaces available on the High Street to allow some to be donated to private businesses.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the taxi's, illegal parking, etc, etc, I hope that one of Teresa's first tasks is to deal with the growing, and increasingly dangerous practice, mainly at the start and end of school time, of kids of all ages and adults cycling on the pavement. Since when did this become acceptable behaviour? There have been numerous times lately where I've been walking along the pavement and someone has been hurtling towards me on their bike. Their expectation is that I should move out of the way and when this doesn't happen they glower at me as if I am in the wrong. One incident involved an adult on a bike and a trailer which was taking up the whole of the pavement and tagging behind was a small child on a bike, I don't think my presence even registered with the adult such was their rush to do their version of the school run.
Time for a clampdown on bad and ignorant behaviour before someone is badly hurt?

Anonymous said...

Re the comment on cycling on the pavements (sideWALK), one of the worst offenders would appear to be a certain Minister of the Church !!