Thursday, May 03, 2012

No Green candidate in Gurnshire but does it matter?

Donnie MacLeod has resurfaced over the border in the Ardersier ward as a green candidate. Maybe he just might scrape in but the Highland greens just don't seem to be able to get back to the polling highs they had in the days when dozens of environmental activists were heading for the GM crops at Munlochy with scythes hidden about their persons. With this in mind a non-Green party greenie gurnite sends in the following comments:

"Purses are near to empty so choosing the Green way of life or the cheap option is a no brainer for many folk. A poorly thought out short term philosophy over the future of the planet maybe, but for many the current and only way forward.

Nuclear power or coal, as long as they can still flick the switch how many care. Scotland's future looks as though monetarily it's going to be built on oil revenue rather than wind farms, not very Green but the majority want cheap oil and the promised revenue it may bring. The token recycling of bottles and paper helps clear consciences, and in return it means we meet a EU directive and HC (us indirectly) doesn't get fined

Roll out the new Green socialism and you might win a couple of old school Labour voters but not many. Does Green really mix with the socialist red of the West of Scotland, comes out as yellow and who can really see oor Tommy shouting about Green issues from the soapbox

At best we get a handful of Greens in the parliament who are able to give some balance and critique to the many non Green policies, but they are token and at worst they are a lost voice

'Save the planet' stickers have long been scrapped with their owners 2CV's which for the middle classes have replaced with comfortable BMW's and maybe a National trust badge in the rear window

In some areas of mainland Europe the Greens still have a voice, especially in Germany where they are nuclear free but import most of their electricity from nuclear rich France, hypocrisy, nein

There are still activists sailing the seven seas but what seems like a gaping hole in terms of young people being involved in the Green movement. Ironically it might not be till we see a recovery in the economy that Green party interest may grow, meanwhile they have to show their heads and share their thoughts more often than just the day before elections!"

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