Friday, May 11, 2012

River CC writing letters on Cemetery and Library concerns

The election is done and dusted but River Community Council are following up two subjects that were prominent at the hustings meeting. Both issues have an urgency about them. Space in the cemetery is running out and will be totally used up within 12-18 months. A site for a new one has not been agreed although a site on Granny Barbour's Road is favoured by the powers that be. River CC are writing to ask how much has been budgeted for both the purchase of land and the costs of the infrastructure of a new cemetery. Well done River CC, the community needs assurances that once a site is agreed the funding is in place to implement the plans immediately.  

On the library situation, Gurnites will remember Laurie Fraser's election leaflet which stated: ”The Library’s lease is due to expire in two years and a new location will be required.”
River CC have written to the Arm's Length Organisation that runs the Libraries now (they are no longer under the control of Highland Council) to ask them what are their intentions for Library provision in Nairn once the lease on the current library building runs out.
Videos of the hustings debate on these two issues are available here and here

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growtosow said...

good too see river cc are taking an interest in this on our behalf, with regards too the cemetery we still have common good ground at sandown could some of this not be used? the library is an other matter it needs too be in the town center so we can all access it young and old alike, as too were it would be that needs looking into i was thinking perhaps the old ballerina building could be used for this.