Thursday, May 03, 2012

The black boxes keep their secrets until the morning

The doors shut on the day's democratic process at the Seaman's Hall tonight. By now the ballot boxes will be on their way to Inverness for tomorrow morning's count. The candidates can go home, unsure of their fate wondering what the electronic voting machines will tell them in the morning. Ambitions and even political careers may lie in tatters but, just  like the eight contestants,  we'll have to wait and see too. 
Will the Ward 19 Nairn vote be up or down this time round? According to the BBC tonight: "Early indications point to a record low turnout amongst Scotland's four million voters."  All will be revealed tomorrow.

One of the Inverness Candidates is predicting the first Highland results in by 10.30 in the morning. Richard Laird's twitter account might be a good spot to watch for results too. 
Also the hastag HCvote might be worth watching.


Brian Turner said...

Ward 19 results announced on the BBC website:

Ward Result 12:09

HIGHLANDS COUNCIL: Ward 19 Nairn - Laurie Fraser (ind); Michael Green (ind); Colin Macaulay (SNP); Liz Macdonald (SNP)

Graisg said...

Thanks Brian, a very interesting result.