Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Nairn Ward 19 hustings in full - video evidence for the future?

The Gurn videos of the hustings are now all on line. Have you made up your mind yet who to vote for this Thursday? Did you miss the hustings in the United Reform Church last week? Still need to make your mind up or thinking of changing your list of preferences? Maybe these videos will help you come to a conclusion on where to put the numbers on the coupon. To see the video of each question from the Highland Council, Ward 19 (Nairn) election hustings last Wednesday night click the read more tab below this line and then follow the "click here" at the end of each of the 19 questions that were asked by Steven Manders on the behalf of the citizens of Nairn. 

Introducing the Candidates. Click here. 

Question 1 What would you do to manage the “feral kids” in the High Street who are so intimidating at night? Click here

Question 2 In the light of newspaper headlines telling us that food parcels are needed for families in Highland Council and in Nairn do the panel think that Highland Council funding is misplaced, for example, supporting a week long soil and bio diversity event with glossy brochures and questions like what future for the moles of Melvaig. Should funding be spent on basic needs in the community rather than things that pay high salaries for Highland Council employees? Click here. 

 Question 3 Are there any of the candidates Freemasons? Question 4 Do the independent candidates have any earlier affiliations to political parties?  Click here for questions 3& 4. 

 Question 5 What would the candidates do about the cemetery situation? Click here.

 Question 6 What are the candidates’ views on the sale of the Links school? Click here.

 Question 7 Would Nairn benefit from a single Community Council? Click here.

 Question 8 Where next for the Library when the current lease runs out in two years time? Click here.

 Question 9 How should the next Provost of Nairn be elected or selected? Click here.

 Question 10 Sandown, the Common Good Fund and Common Good lands, and do the candidates support William Gilfinnan’s opinion that the matter is now closed? Click here. 

 Question 11 Stephanie Whittaker; Carer’s and the provision of respite care. Click here

 The whereabouts of the Tory candidate are revealed. Click here.

Question 12 From audience member and directed to Graham Marsden. Why should the person with most votes not be appointed Provost? Click here.

 Question 13 From audience member. What do Councillors’ do apart from Common Good Fund? Click here

 Question 14 How would the candidates deal with the growing problem of Seagulls? Click here.

 Question 15 What would the candidates do to trim their salaries and expenses? Click here.

 Question 16 What ideas would the candidates have to ensure the affordable homes at the bus station site would be allocated to Nairn families? Click here. 

 Question 17 Are there any candidates who do not want the bypass? Click here.

 Question 18 How would the candidates maintain and develop the Links as an asset and how would they deal with the litter problems? Click here.

 Question 19 What do the candidates think are their biggest virtues and biggest failings? Click here.

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