Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping up to date with the wider planning picture

Plenty of Gurnites show a keen interest in local planning issues and many already keep up to date by regularly following the APT blog. The Association for Planning Transparency group keep citizens up to date with all those issues centered  around Glenurquhart Road Centralised Central Command that affect us here in Nairn. Today the APT Sec has commented on a video put up on Youtube by the Planning Department. Some may think that this material is only for serious students but events in recent years have shown us that our community has to be at the top of its game in regards to planning issues.

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APTSec said...

Thanks for putting this up Gurn.

I am a little concerned that you mention 'serious students'. It is important that all engage with the process otherwise we may all wake up one morning to find another dozen sets of traffic lights in Nairn, all flooded with raw sewage, surrounded by 10 million new homes! Ok so I exaggerate much (in the words of my teenager to show that I am down with the kids - I jest there too)

Seriously when I started following planning issues I could barely understand a word of any of the reports. It is a slow and sometimes painful process but it all starts with one step. In the modern song parlance, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" - so go out there folks and get involved and make sure if you are involved that you are feel reassured that it means something.

Please could you ask followers of your blog to watch out for my comment on the "Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan - Events This Week" at http://hwldp.blogspot.co.uk/ after it has passesd through the moderation stage