Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New businesses on Bridge Street

Upstairs and Downstairs


Anonymous said...

Jesus this town is sooooooo boring.Yet another barbers.

Sweeny Todd said...

Hair Hair Anonymous, well Gurnites what kind of shop would you like to see open in Nairn?

short back and sides said...

Excellent, I can get my hair cut downstairs and then stagger up the stairs to be made beautiful!

Anonymous said...

A refreshing change to cafes and charity shops !

neilscot said...

People moan and whinge about the same type of shops opening, ie hair salons, cafe's, charity shops.
But in reality the high street as we knew it will never return to those days of old. New businesses have come and gone, why have they gone? Lack of support from local's.. oh it's cheaper to go to the supermarket or buy it on line.. That is a fact of life, sad but Not always true.
So stop the whinging and be grateful there is something in the empty shop's which is better than nothing.
As a former business proprietor of 8 years i do have an inkling of what i am talking about..
Yes it would be fantastic to go back to the days of 3 supermarkets, Templeton's, Cooper's & co-op... 3 bakers, 2 fish shops, several shoe shops, Rose Brothers, 2 fruit shops, several chemists, several butchers etc etc... but those days have sadly gone.

Jim said...

If the men of Nairn continue to moan and tear out their hair at the antics of our politicians, there will soon be no call for all these barber shops!

Has anyone tried out the new place yet? Is it staffed by young, attractive barberettes?

Anonymous said...

I used the Barber's this morning after the hail curtailed the knocking on doors. Have to say - highly recommended!