Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Somewhere for future burials?

After reading about a proposal to extend a burial ground in Ullapol one of our regular readers sent in the following to the Gurn:

"I notice that amongst all the potential future plans and developments for Nairn: more housing, more people, schools, hotels, golf courses, community centres, bypasses, etc, etc, there is never any mention of more cemeteries. The current cemetery is, in a way, ring fenced; there is little room for expansion, and how long will it meet the current needs, never mind the future requirements, of the town?

Have any areas within the town been identified? Was it ever discussed during the various meeting including the charette? If not, why not? Dying is something we all do in the end and, although some people have no need for burial in a cemetery, many do.

It would be interesting to hear if any of the 8 candidates in the forthcoming election have any views on this?"

UPDATE: A comment in from Ashley Broadbent the labour candidate below, also the following in from Liz confirms another comment in today:
"A site is presently being investigated at Granny Barbours Road. Various locations have been considered over the last year and have fallen through. The Council is no longer able to pre-sell burial lairs in Nairn as the area left will only be available for funerals for the next 18months."

18 months does cut it a bit fine. One wonders why Sandown was never considered? Perhaps the field next to the allotments that is still waiting for the "Big Idea" could be used? Presumably the council will have to buy a field? Why not buy one from the Common Good? Anyway Gurnites, interesting comments below.


Anonymous said...

I believe they are looking at Granny Barbours for the new cemetery.

Ashb said...

A valid comment and one that requires focused attention by the new Council Administration. Perhaps consideration has been given to this matter in the local plan, if not then TEC Services need to review their 5 year service plan together with growth item inclusion in the capital programme. I have over 30 years experience in the management of cemeteries/crematoria and these skills together with a raft of other local government knowledge can be brought to the table if I am elected to Highland Council on 3rd May. Perhaps you may also wish to raise the issue of the standards of open space maintenance in cemeteries together with the urgent need to refurbish the Nairn War Memorial. Scottish Labour is focused on working towards delivery of quality local services for Nairn residents - let's put some Pride back into Nairnshire.
Ashley Broadbent
Scottish Labour Candidate - Nairn

Anonymous said...

Granny Barbours is true, just phone and ask Inverness dept
It's all under control

Anonymous said...

Granny Barbour's isn't that where the bypass is going? How many people that have said I'll be dead before the by-pass happens might actually make their final journey along the dual carraigeway then?

Buried said...

Ash is certainly an appropriate name to have if you're in charge of crematoria. Just hope his election plans don't go up in smoke in May!

Anonymous said...

Sandown would not be a very peaceful place for a cemetery, right next to the A 96 .Some people might say the cemetery we have is close to the railway, but trains coming through Nairn are few. There is a bit off a connection with Granny Barbours being in sight of the old cemetery and with less traffic, also Sandown can be the windiest,coldest place when that north westerly wind blows. All these things would make things uncomfortable for people visiting and any flowers would be on the black isle within hours.

APTSec said...

According to the SEA for the Site Reference 'C3' for the 'Proposed Cemetery as far as I can tell from looking at the

APTSec said...

Sorry Gurn as you said I missed a bit off. The IMF LDP 'Main Issues Report' - MIR - is at link above on the THC web site and Nairn Sites with map are shown on pages 51 to 53 inclusive of that MIR