Monday, April 30, 2012

After an almost ideal spring weekend

Apart from technical difficulties with videos, but that was mainly left until after dark at Gurn HQ. Well, there were two sharp frosts for anyone that had their first potatoes breaking through. This observer had decided  to plant some in that fine March weather
but heaped soil over the first leaves poking through the drills on Friday evening. The blossom on trees around Nairn seems to have survived too. Here's a picture from Donald that demonstrates how Nairn was this weekend. Still snow on the hills and a chill in the air if the wind picks up but the magic of a walk on Nairn beach is at its best in the spring sunshine. Now Monday morning and back to the rain and a few more soggy canvassing cards for any of the magnificent seven (plus one Tory wifie) on the doorsteps today. If you want to catch up with how the seven candidates performed at the hustings on Wednesday night then click here to see the videos.

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