Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where the money to repair the Bailey Bridge came from

The Community Works manager for Nairn Debbie MacGuire (based in Inverness) was at the River CC meeting on Tuesday night to explain a few things to the Councillors gathered in the Community Centre. Gurnites will be aware of the complaints about the Links play park not being cleaned at the weekends during the winter months. No joy there according to Debbie, there just isn't the money. She did reveal where the money for the Bailey Bridge repairs came from however:

"Well we had money left coming towards the end of the financial year, last financial year. We had money left in our bridge maintenance program and that was highlighted as the project to get done in the last year so we did manage to get it done." She went on to add that the existing narrow part of the bridge that was the original pedestrian walkway will be closed as it will deteriorate further."

Among the comments made to Debbie was one from Murd reporting that one of the interiors of the litter bins at the skateboard park was sitting in the middle of the river. That was Tuesday night and Murd reported to the Gurn that it was still in the river on Weds afternoon. Not there today though and not back inside the bin. Has it been retreived and taken for repair by the council or has the wee spate taken it away. Murd is still on the case.


Anonymous said...

The said bin was last seen having a well earned rest above the roadbridge

Anonymous said...

Stop Press!

The elusive Waste Bin has now been spotted taking a well earned rest
leaning against the Merryton Bridge.
Lets hope it is not left too long or
else it could end up being being utilised as a permanent Bread Bin.

MURD said...

Have you heard the expression if you want a job done right do it yourself
That's the internals of the bin back back from it's Cruise down the river all nice and clean for the time being